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We help quality food

brands to sprout, grow

and radiate more strongly.

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 Emmanuelle Barrera

" After several years working in the exciting world of Specialty Coffee, Alba was born out of a desire to help local & quality products create wider relationships with consumers.
As a specialist in food marketing, I understand your challenges and the timely needs related to your activities. I work as an independent with Daniela who is a graphic designer, and surround myself with the experts necessary for the development of each project. I am committed to supporting you to bring consistency and notoriety to your brand."

Alba is a brand management and strategy consulting team 

based in Bordeaux and specializing in quality food.

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Who we are

Alba tackles all the subjects relating to your brand, from its birth to its distribution, with utmost coherence.

We work with you in project mode, bringing together the professionals necessary for each mission, because we are convinced that you are at the heart of the solution.

Your professional speech is familiar to us and we are committed to translating it into clear and precise content which communicates with its audience.


Identity &

Project management

Our work is focused on a WHOLE

What we do
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Joanna, The Queen's Swarm

Emmanuelle's work has been invaluable for the future of our company. By structuring the raison d'être of the Queen's Swarm, it has made us gain consistency and time in our subsequent actions.

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Julien, Domaine Terra

Apart from the fact that it is very pleasant to work with her, Emmanuelle is very connected to reality, very customer-oriented and takes our issues into account. Passionate about products, she is proactive and fully committed to the project!

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Aina, Miaïna

  Alba not only creates, advises and proposes, but also acts concretely in the implementation of communication tools. An insurance and a safe bet for my start-up business and in search of identity and customer prospecting.

Committed entrepreneurs, meticulous distributors or ambitious producers ;

we love to talk about you and your products.

A project, an idea?

Let's meet to discuss!

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