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Hopen supports the production and marketing of local, organic and sustainable hops, direct from French farms. This company innovante, supported by a young committed field team, wanted to clarify and amplify its brand image, in order to better represent its uniqueness and expand its leadership.

To support this process, we worked in two steps: 

1. Brand positioningeu: Through an analysis of the brand and questionnaires to customers and suppliers, we have defined the key words and the discourse specific to Hopen.

2. Creation of identitybrand star: The visual identity has been reviewed and completed. Associated with an infographic and a variation of illustrations specific to the project, a global brand platform was proposed.


Result: a revised identity and a discourse that puts the right words on the daily work carried out by Hopen, to communicate coherently with its public.

Brand Strategy / Identity / Web / Infography

Strategy: Alba
Identity: Pariity Studio

Brand manual Hopen.png
Infographic Hopen_4-01-01.jpg
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