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Butine, a new brand for l'Essaim de la Reine.

Our mission here was to create a second brand, larger audience, for l'Essaim de la Reine, beekeeper who produces premium honey. Situe in the South-West of France, l'Essaim de la Reine has until now distributed its products in delicatessen and wanted to address the Mass Distribution.


After analyzing the honey market, we redefined the DNA of l'Essaim de la Reine in order to offer a second consistent brand.

Thus was born Butine, a friendly and accessible brand, intended for bon vivant. A picture  representing the beekeeper for user-friendly packaging, soft colors to make room for the product, a desirable brand, joyful and accessible.

Identity / Packaging

Identity creation: Bleu Nuit Studio

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